Monday, November 28, 2011

China Revealed: Exploration by Discovery

-A MESSAGE FROM THE UFGY: On our blog, we will make an effort to post one of these video series until we run out. However, these videos are-not available in languages other than English, which keeps us from giving  our foreign-language-speaking viewers the same resources...We are so -sorry for  any inconveniences; contact us at -to see if there is anything we can do for you. Thank you

Hello everyone, 
I hope you enjoy this presentation: China Revealed by the Discovery Channel. Keep in mind while you watch that there are points of views of everything, this documentary happens to be in our (U.S.A) point of view. Try to think, while you are watching, about what China's point of view on their affairs are. Thanks you so much!

Again I would like to stress how grateful we are to Discovery for their long efforts of making these amazing videos and allowing people to post them on youtube, where we accessed them. We are using these videos for the sole purpose of educating people about the Chinese culture. We did not create these videos, they come from the Discovery Channel.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello en Hallo

Hello everyone... I just wanted to let you know we have gotten 11 views from the Netherlands today. If you speak dutch: please contact me at to request a translated blog.

Hallo iedereen ... Ik wilde alleen maar om u te laten weten dat we 11 uitzicht gekregen van het Nederland van nu. Als u de Nederlandse taal: neem dan contact met mij op naar een vertaalde blog te vragen

Friday, November 25, 2011

An interesting read

The importance of cultural diversity has been lost in our society where anybody who advocates a unique sense of cultural identity is often labelled as a racist. To say "we don't want to be part of the dominant culture, we want our own culture" is seen to be stirring. The fashion today is to say that we are all one people and we should all get together and live in love, peace and harmony as one people.
The dominant taker culture is Anglo-American.
But it is equally racist when a dominant culture coerces the weak into abandoning their ways and traditions and forces them to become a part of the dominant culture. It is racist to not acknowledge the importance of cultural diversity.
Now when I say cultural diversity I do not mean ethnic, religious, gender or sexuality differences. What I mean is cultures that exist outside of the dominant taker culture which at present is mainly Anglo-American. The dominant culture doesn't care if you are black, white, yellow, Buddhist, Christian, pantheist, atheist, gay, lesbian or transgender. But it does care if you go and set up a functioning tribal society that operates outside its hierarchy, outside its economy, outside its laws and outside its sphere of authority.
In tribal societies the benefits of cultural diversity are recognized. Diversity is not just seen as a good thing but a necessary thing. Tribes do not go out and seek to make others like themselves. They may not like their neighbors but they acknowledge their right to existence and their right to their ways and beliefs because they acknowledge the importance of cultural diversity.
The reason the need for cultural identity gets confused with racism in the dominant culture today is because it only sees human social organization in a hierarchical manner. It can't allow a tribe to exist outside its influence as an independent entity. Everybody must be absorbed into the dominant culture, they must take their place in the hierarchy and if they agitate for their own identity and own lifestyle it is racist. Uniqueness must be crushed and replaced with a homogenous culture, all people serving the interests of the hierarchy.
The desire to be separate and to be part of something unique is something inherent in us all. When a place consists of tribes existing with mutual respect it is okay to be different because nobody is playing the role of the dominator and placing their culture at the top of the heap.
The desire to be part of something separate and unique is inherent in us all.
But when this desire for uniqueness takes place within a dominator hierarchy it can have disastrous effects. For example the KKK, Malcolm X's black muslims. They wanted to maintain a sense of "us." The problem is that these groups operate within a society that has a better/worse, top/bottom, master/slave mindset.
People can't operate as independent tribal entities within our society and therefore the desire for uniqueness often descends into violence and gang warfare.
But people need a tribe. It is genetically hardwired into us. So we need to shift our focus. Drop the idea of all people uniting together as one for a peaceful world and remember the importance of cultural diveristy. People want unique tribes, they want to say that they are a part of something that is distinct from everything else. We need to allow that to happen instead of crushing the people who try.
Tribalism, as a modern movement wants to free people from the dominant hierarchy and allow other cultures and lifestyles to flourish. Hand in hand with tribalism is recognizing the importance of cultural diversity. It's not about ethnic separatism; it's about freeing all people from the taker culture.



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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A message from the UFGY

Since today, in the United States, is Thanksgiving... I just want everyone to take the time out of their busy days to think about their family and where they came from. After talking about our ancestors in Scotland and Poland, it made me think: What would life be like if everyone was the same? It surely wouldn't be as good and interesting as life today. Everyone has their own identities and cultures. Today, make sure to give thanks for yours and renew your appreciation for others'. I'm greatful to live in such a diverse world, I hope you are too.

Thank You,
The UFGY Staff

Friday, November 11, 2011

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